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  • house
  • Jump Up
  • Jungle
  • Liquid DnB
  • Old Skool
  • Trance
  • UKG

DJ Brett Gray is an English born and bred Music DJ who’s tastes reach beyond the dance floor

From humble beginnings in the west country of the UK, where he was born in Swindon – Brett Gray as he is known across the airwaves is a charismatic character with endless energy for the cutting edge sounds of upfront Dance & House music.

Growing up, he was locked in to the FM dial on the regular and it was the live audio aspect of local radio stations that really got him tuned in to the movement.

Focusing his attention initially on the analog sounds of vinyl, Brett spent every spare second learning his craft and developing his selection, determined to establish himself as a well rounded DJ.

DJ’ing to Brett is a lifelong pursuit and passion, which extends beyond the realms of purely playing music to his audience, he also knows exactly how to project his lively personality and does a great job of entertaining his audience, gaining widespread popularity in the process.

In his own words, “music is empowering – with the right choice of tracks you can change someones mood and make them dance, and that makes me tick. It’s my way of communicating who I am and what I am all about… it’s my life.”

Polished and seemingly effortless, he is no stranger to hours in the studio where he is meticulous in the preparation and planning of his radio shows and live sets, which really makes him stand out as the natural born showman that he is.

The feel good factor is what he is all about and you can expect lively, uplifting and energetic selection when he is in the mix. Whether its Urban, House, Garage or Drum & Bass, Brett has it covered and in the box…

And that would be Pioneer’s Rekord Box used to it’s full potential with a ample dose of Serato DJ too for good measure. Brett makes no bones about the sheer amount of effort and enthusiasm for the art of DJ’ing required to get his studio to the spec it is today. Working tirelessly and relentlessly.

That’s Brett the DJ done, now on to whats becoming an ever more demanding role for the musical maestro – TFLive…

TFLive is an internet based radio station that Brett Plays on every Saturday from 14:00 to 16:00.

Starting off with just 6 regular DJ’s hosting their own shows, in just under a decade the roster has grown literally to 10 times that size in just under the same amount of years which is an incredible feat but no surprise as the commitment to the cause is relentless. Boasting a fully functional and interactive website, Apps on IOS/Android and enormous engagement across all the social media platforms – it is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Behind the scenes, vast amounts of effort are required to manage the station and keep the 24/7 broadcast online.

TFLive offers a vast amount of talented DJs across the schedule from experienced acts who host regular shows to the younger DJ’s starting out and working hard to make a name for themselves. Opportunity is the backbone of the operation and a regular set to showcase DJ / Host skills is in high demand. Brett takes great pleasure in opening up doors and lending a helping hand to up and comers, and many have gone from absolute beginner to regular DJ sets for clubs, festivals and beyond.

No one can say it better then the man himself, “You may be wondering what do I get out of it all? My answer, I love being part of a team and thrive on helping others. Theres nothing better than knowing people look up to you and respect you for what you do. Thank you to everybody who supports me, I am truly grateful and will see you on the dance floor somewhere soon!!”

DJ Brett Gray // Radio Host // Club Promotor


  • Saturday - 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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